YouTube 101 – How to Make Great Videos for Your Dance Studio

By Jon Koerber, President of ClassJuggler Dance.

Feeling technically shy about how to get started with making a YouTube channel and posting video to it? Here’s a handy walk-through of the fundamentals, from shooting the video and basic editing to creating a YouTube channel, uploading videos to it, and promoting your new channel.

In our previous article, Why Promote Your Dance Studio With Videos?, we looked at how video can help you keep customers and generate new business at your studio.  Here’s a timely follow-up: how to make a YouTube channel, upload videos to it, and how to spread the word about it.

Get Your Videos Online & Publicized in 5 steps

Step 1: Shoot the video

When shooting video for your YouTube channel, start by using a digital camcorder or a cellphone’s built-in video, instead of an older camcorder that uses video tape. Getting digital media online is much easier. But what to record? Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • Competitions
  • Class sessions
  • Recitals
  • Special events (open houses, holiday performances)
  • Instructor intros
  • A school walk-through introduction

Step 2: Prepare your video for upload

Maybe your video is good enough for transfer straight from the camera to YouTube.  More often, you’ll need to clean it up using video editing software to remove unneeded or unattractive footage or to create transitions(like a fade-in from black, fade-out, or dissolve) that connect different shots, or at least to add titles or your school logo.

There are many software tools for this optional editing stage, some free and some costing literally thousands.  For a dance studio’s purposes, low-cost or free options are fine, and may already be on your computer. You may search online for “free video editing software” to find many user-friendly tools to choose from.

Step 3: Create a YouTube channel

To upload your movie onto YouTube, first create a Google account (Google owns YouTube), and then use your Google account profile to create your school’s YouTube channel. Three steps:

  1. Create a YouTube profile, so YouTube knows who you are. Use this  step-by-step guide to do this.
  2. Create a YouTube channel.Assuming you’ll want to post more than one video, go to YouTube’s Create a Channel Page, or watch this video on how to set up a channel.
  3. Customize your channel.Once you have your own channel, you can start uploading video, but first add school images and info to “brand” your channel so that it is clearly about your school and links back to your school’s website. You can choose to add your school’s logo, a visual background “banner” to establish your school’s theme, links to your school’s web page, and links to your school’s social media pages. See the ClassJuggler YouTube Channel for an example of this sort of customization.

Step 4: Upload your movies to YouTube

Uploading your movie to YouTube is not hard at all.  When you’re logged in to your YouTube channel,you’ll see an Upload button at the very top of the window.  Click on it, locate your movie file on your computer, and click “upload.”

While your video uploads (which may take some time), type in info to introduce your movie, such as a title and description. Make sure the movie’s “visibility” settings are set to public if you want others to easily find it.

Step 5: Spread the word!

Now that your movie is on YouTube and labeled, use the movie’s unique web address to promote it to current and future customers. For example;

  • Use e-mail to tell your students/parents about the new video and its web address.
  • Advertise your YouTube channel on your website.Add your YouTube channel it to your list of social media sites (see the top-right of our pages for an example of this).
  • Advertise specific videos online. If you make a class-specific video, put the link to it in your online class description.
  • Use your social media. Have a Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ school site? Each new video you upload is a great opportunity to make a new social media post about it.

Don’t forget to suggest that your students and parents subscribe to your YouTube channel so they are automatically notified by YouTube when you post a new video.

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