The 2014 Dance Exec Summer Series is about more than simply learning from our peers- it is also about improving our studios, classes, and curricula. Use the weekly information to prompt discussion and inspiration. Ask questions. Make this YOUR series.

On the fourth day of each week,  we will prompt several discussion questions and/or exercises to debrief the weekly topic.

For this week, ask yourself the following:

(1) How many years have you been open? Are you at a great place in your career for your years in business?

(2) How has your enrollment and/or number of instructors fluctuated? Why has that happened?

(3) Have your class offerings changed at all? How has your programming evolved? If it has changed, why did it change?

(4) Consider some of your greatest successes and challenges. Does your history have any type of common theme? If so, how can you adapt your approach to replicate/prevent similar circumstances from recurring?

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