As a studio, it is important that you have a detailed style guide and identity standards for your brand. When your logo, marketing, programming, and name is projected, there should be consistent specifications surrounding the items’ use.

Specifications should include:

  • Details surrounding your logo: image, dimension, color- Do you require your logo on all documentations, emails, etc.? Do you allow permission for the logo to be altered in any way, shape, or form? What are the font specifications for the logo? Is a tagline included in your logo? If the tagline is only included in some instances, what are those particular instances?
  • Details surrounding logos for other events: You may brand your recitals, intensive series, programming series, etc. with an individualized logo. There should be rules in place regarding the use of these types of logos, too.
  • Font Specifications: Does your business have font specifications that are specific to your brand? Consistency in font usage across varying formats is integral to your brand and style recognition.
  • Design Consistency: It is important that your image and design ties into the culture and mission of your business. Does your design match your studio? What does your look say about your business? Are you consistent in applying your theme throughout all marketing to make your brand easily identifiable?
  • Consistency in Typography: You should be diligent and specific about the use of your studio’s name and programming information as it relates to spelling, capitalized letters, and consistency. Everything should always match. For example, if you reference your season as the 2013-2014 Dance Season, the “D” and “S” should always be capitalized.
  • Additional Resources: It is also important that anyone involved in your marketing have quick access to an “about your business”, your mission statement, and other, imperative, quick facts. You should also have a press release template prepared to send to media outlets when news occurs at your studio.
  • Stick With it: Your branding may have small changes over the course of time, but consistency is highly important in making a marketing impact. Your logo, writing style, font selection, and typography should be easily identifiable and should not frequently change.

Take the time to explicitly detail your brand. Make your brand so evident that people cannot ignore you. 

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