The old adage, “You Can’t Please Everyone” is true. Plain and simple. No matter how hard you work. No matter how hard you try. There will be people that have complaints, criticisms, and episodes of discontent.

The unhappiness may be a one time occurrence, or it may be a chronic problem. Handle each situation individually, promptly, and professionally, but when your business is negatively attacked, keep in mind that your clients chose you. Dance studios are a private industry, and your clients selected your studio because they believed it was a great fit for their family. If you have created a strong culture, then you will confidently believe in what you offer and provide (and they should, too). Revert every issue back to your business’s core values and beliefs and maintain your stance as a strong, confident leader.

There will be times when certain clients may no longer be a great fit for your business. And, that’s okay. In fact, when a culture clash is evident, we have an all-encompassing list of other studios in our area to provide to disgruntled clients. This shows the person their vast array of options and reiterates the fact that dance studio selection is a choice.

We emphasize that dance education is a significant investment and encourage our clients to be pleased with their choice of location and training. I always reiterate who we are and what we offer, and then I kindly suggest considering other locations if we cannot meet a client’s perceived needs. Some clients will stay. Some clients go. Keep it positive and maintain the focus to the needs of the individual client.

While not pleasing everyone can be frustrating, prepare yourself for the possibility of sporadic evolution and transitions. It happens.

Just keep being amazing, and keep being you!

you can't please everyone

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