Why Promote Your Dance Studio With Videos?
By Jon Koerber, President of ClassJuggler Dance.

In our January Dance Exec article, Five Simple Tips for Shooting Better Dance Studio Videos, the article presupposes that you are already using video to promote your dance school. But, are you? Here at ClassJuggler Dance, we are often surprised at how few dance studios take advantage of YouTube to promote their school.

One of the best ways to promote your dance studio, and build customer loyalty, is to create on online collection of videos about your school: class sessions, recitals, performances, and competitions.  And, it’s never been easier to do this, and even create your own online “TV channel,” thanks to the simple upload tools at YouTube.com.

If you’re not already publishing videos online, read on for the top 5 reasons to use video to promote your business.

Reason #1 – Video creates customer loyalty

Your students and their family members share one thing in common; they enjoy watching videos of themselves and their family members. When you publish a video of a student’s first routine, the child and his/her family will all be excited to see and share the link to it. And, from then on out, when they think of your studio, they will be proud to be a part of it – that’s building loyalty!

Reason #2 – Having your own video channel promotes “brand awareness”

When you make a YouTube “channel” (essentially a single Web address from which your entire and growing collection of videos is available) – and then you promote your video channel’s link (whether on your school’s website or in e-mail), you give prospective customers a compelling way to learn about your school. These future customers can see examples of what you do and start picturing themselves or their own child doing the same thing at your school, which they’ll know by name.

Reason #3 – Your videos can create “viral” marketing

The term viral marketing means that other people are doing the work of sharing your brand with others, without you lifting a finger or dollar to do so. Video from your school is perfect material for viral marketing. Your students and their parents become your virtual marketing team, sharing the links to your YouTube videos with their friends and family, doing the work of advertising for you.

Reason #4 – Generating content for your video channel is a slam-dunk for dance studios

Coming up with video content is hard and expensive for most businesses. But not for a dance studio; the content for making great videos is happening every day. For example, is it not fun to see a class learning a new routine? Isn’t it fun to see your students putting on a show or competing? These kinds of activities are inherently good and interesting content; just turn on a camcorder and you are on your way to compelling video for your YouTube channel.

Reason #5 – A YouTube channel can boost your school’s position in search engine results.

To show up well in Google search results, and in other search engines, the algorithms that influence your position relative to other dance studios is often influenced the number of high-quality “backlinks” to your school’s site from reputable sites. Your own content-rich YouTube channel is the perfect way to do this, simply by adding a link in your YouTube channel’s description and also with every video’s post description. The result; your studio may move up higher in search results, making you more visible to potential clients.

Getting started with video

Motivated to start shooting and publishing videos of your dance studio but wondering how to get started? Hang tight – our next article for Dance Exec will be a “YouTube 101” type of article – a tutorial on how to create a YouTube channel and make/post great video.

But don’t wait! – Step one is to start creating videos, so read our previous article Five Simple Tips for Shooting Better Dance Studio Videos and get started.

Above all, consider that, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a motion picture is a few million words.  Let video show them in seconds what would take pages of text to explain to them.

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