This year, I have asked myself several times: “Why do we compete?” In an ever-evolving, unregulated industry, it can be frustrating to see the ebbs and waves of constant transition. In the end, it all boils down to the experience. There is so much to be gained through the events, experiences, networking, and opportunities. That’s why we do it, and I believe that’s why many of us do it.

As teachers, we want our students to learn, grow, and receive exposure. It pushes them, and it continues to challenge us, too.

Bree Hafen nicely articulates her rationale in the following post:

5 Reasons You Should Be A Competition Dancer (and a few reasons you maybe shouldn’t)

It is a great article that offers some serious food for thought. Share it with your students, and think about your choice to compete and attend conventions.

If you are doing it for the right reasons, everyone will positively benefit.