When you decided to open a dance studio or go into dance education, did you also realize that you entered the world of sales?

You and your team are responsible for selling your culture and services to your current and prospective clients.

The selling of your programming occurs within every phase of your studio:

(1) Pre-Initial Interaction (Marketing, Word of Mouth,  Communication Response Time, Bios/Accomplishments, etc.)

(2) Physical Impression (Facility Appearance)

(3) Initial Interaction (Is Excellent Customer Service Provided at the Initial Interaction Checkpoint?)

(4) Classroom Experience (Great Staff; Great Curriculum; Excellence in Culture)

(5) Follow-Up (Response Time, Attention to Needs/Service)

The 5 Phases continue throughout a client’s tenure with your business. Take the time to think of it from such a perspective, and you will be more inclined to close sales and increase your target number and range.