As Dance Instructors and Studio Owners, we have a heavy burden: we are the role models and inspirations for many students (and teachers) throughout the tenure of our careers. Ultimately, parents are choosing, entrusting, and paying us to instruct and lead their children, in dance and through life. Since training at a studio is a private, non-required, extracurricular choice, we should cherish, respect, and highly value the parents’ decision to select our respective studios as training facilities.

 One of the ways we can value this choice is to carry ourselves in the highest professional manner, especially when interacting with our students and parents. I will never forget how personally disappointed I felt when I saw an industry leader smoking a cigarette in front of a professional dance event. While smoking cigarettes is a perfectly legal activity, is it a habit that we wish to promote to our students, peers, and industry in a professional setting? And while this is a relatively minor example, I have heard instances regarding vices on display that were incredibly inappropriate.

Whether the vice is smoking, drinking alcohol, cursing, speaking about inappropriate topics, or a myriad of other possibilities, I feel strongly that it should be left outside of the dance studio and sponsored dance activities (competitions, traveling events, etc.), particularly when the event involves children. Parents and students are looking to us for leadership and are surveying our behaviors. We should act in a way that is responsible, respectable, and regarded as a positive representation of our business and ourselves.  Character is a highly important value, and we should not underestimate the power our everyday actions have on our brand and image. Everyday, we are cultivating the dancers and leaders of the future, and we owe it to them to be our best selves on a daily basis.

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