A few days ago, we discussed the lost art of eye contact as a by-product of the mass amount of gadgets that exist in our society. With the gadgets, we should establish boundaries for use. The distraction of technology should not impact our ability to teach a successful dance class.

In the dance studio, it is important to establish your culture as a communication-free zone. Students and staff should not be worried about texts, emails, calls, pictures, and social media during dance class. The environment should focus on the art of dance. Growing up, many of us went to dance to forget our problems. How can we leave our problems outside if we are bringing them into the studio? To successfully train our students, the sanctity of the classroom must be preserved.

If devices are causing a distraction in your studio, involve the parents and create rules and expectations to guide the students. Be proactive and stay involved. Set clear guidelines and expectations for your staff, too.

It will create a more productive environment for your studio, staff, and students- something everyone can value and appreciate!

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