Do you have wads of receipts in your wallet, office, and car– i.e. everywhere? Tracking expenses can be a cumbersome, organizational task, but the app Expensify makes it SO much easier.

Expensify’s primary purpose is to help you track and categorize your expenses and receipts (as an individual or as a business). The app is very easy to navigate, and it can be custom tailored to fit the needs of your work and/or business.

Via Expensify you can:

  • Quickly add cash expenses & import all card transactions
  • Capture mileage/time and other reimbursable expenses
  • Code amounts to certain projects and clients
  • Organize receipts via SmartScan and receipt forwarding
  • Stay on top of expenses via the Mobile App for iOs, Blackberry, Android, and Windows Phone

As a business, you can also:

  • Process Reports
  • Administer & Reconcile Company Credit Cards
  • Reimburse via ACH Direct Deposit, Paypal, or Direct Deposit for no additional cost
  • Streamline Reporting and Policy Compliance for Employees

The Expensify Blog keeps users up to date with news regarding app functionality, tax tips, and industry updates. The Expensify site also offers website support that is very helpful, prompt, and attentive.

For individuals, contractors, and freelancers, there is no cost to use the app. Companies that use the Team Version are charged $5/month. The Corporate Version costs $10/month. Your business may also encounter some extra charges depending on your monthly SmartScan usage (10 scans are complimentary per month).

Regardless, of your needs/usage, Expensify offers an affordable, usable  option that will accommodate you and your business’ needs. Start organizing your 2014 year today!


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