At this point in the year, In- Classroom Parent Observations have recently happened, are happening, or will soon happen. With your season, I recommend setting a schedule that identifies certain weeks as Parent Observation Periods (my preference for the studio is to invite parents in the classroom the last 10 minutes so that our instructional period is not disrupted).

During these observation periods, consistency, planning, and organization are key to a polished, productive experience.

Check out the tips below for Successful Parent Observations:

1. Communicate the Expectation. Make sure your instructors know the plan (in advance) and reiterate the game plan the week leading into observation week. Discuss timing, the staff member’s intro speech, and the skills/routine/demonstration expectations for classes. Remind parents when the observation period is approaching and reiterate the importance of punctuality.

2. Have a Practiced Plan. Make sure the class is prepared for the presentation. Explain the opportunity and allow everyone to feel excited and eager to showcase their skills.

3. Stay True to the Class. Keep the expectations of the observation reasonable based on the age and skill level of the students.

4. Take Time to Offer Commentary. Feel free to offer parents’ insight towards the goals and achievements of the class. Talk about the students’ work and explain your intention for the remainder of the year.

5. Keep It Positive. Observations are a special time for students. Avoid critiquing the dancers and let it be their time to shine!


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