In our electronic society, it is easier than ever to send rapid fire communication- efficient, inefficient, positive, and negative. With communication so readily available and impersonal, it is important that to be careful and cautious with projected and perceived text, tone, and intent.

Before pressing “send”, ask the following:

(1) Is this a conversation that could be better served via phone or an in-person meeting?

(2) Did you take the time to think through your content, or did you rush and hastily type the message from your phone? (it is very frustrating to receive a serious, long email that is “sent from an iPhone”)

(3) Are you prepared for the repercussions and response of the email? What are your ultimate goals/outcomes for this form of communication?

(4) Follow-Up. Once you send an email and receive a response (even if you do not agree to it), be courteous that your concerns were addressed and acknowledged.

Whenever I handle communication, I always try to approach and understand the situation from a variety of viewpoints. A little extra time can go  a long way in improving communication techniques and methods.

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