Theme days are a wonderful way to add depth and dimension to your studio’s Summer Camps. Based on an overall theme, the individually themed days can guide the dancing, crafts, games, and choreography of each day’s lesson plan.

For example, within a Barbie Ballerina Themed Camp, you might have the following days:

Day #1 Wear Pink Day

Day #2 Slumber Party Day (Wear Your PJs)

Day #3 Beach Day

Day #4 Career Day

Day #5 Bring Your Barbie Day

Or, for a princess camp, you might align the days with themes of varying fairy tale stories:

Day #1: Ocean Day (The Little Mermaid)

Day #2: Book Day (Beauty & the Beast)

Day #3: Tutus & Tiaras Day (Cinderella)

Day #4: Style Your Hair Like a Princess Day (Rapunzel)

Day #5: Dress Like Your Favorite Princess Day

Within the themed days, the students will have opportunities to show and tell and discuss their special items. This adds depth to the camp experience and will create a richer experience for your students! (Plus, staff members enjoy playing along with the themes, too. 🙂 )

If you are struggling with developing creative themes, check out the Ultimate Camp Resource Guide. While the site is intended for overnight campers, there are a lot of great themes/ideas that could easily translate to the dance studio environment.

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