At the end of each dance class, regardless of style, it is important to teach students the value of reverence.  By definition, reverence means “deep respect for someone or something”, and we should be instilling that mentality in all of our dancers.

Here are some examples of classical and contemporary ways to end a class:

(1) Traditional Curtsy or Bow in Ballet

(2) Goodbye Circle- Younger dancers hold hands in a circle to curtsy/bow and applaud for the class.

(3) Tap Break- Create a signature rhythm for students to execute at the end of class. After the rhythm, they will clap their hands and say “Break!”.

(4) Take a Bow- For contemporary classes (jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, etc.)- it is important to have the students demonstrate a gesture of respect. Whether through a bow or a fun, whimsical movement, they should signal the end of the class and applaud.

As a part of Reverence, I also like to encourage my dancers to learn the importance of thanking your teachers- whether it is the teacher you see every day, a guest artist, or in a convention environment.