The story of the positions is a fun, story piece to help younger dancers understand placement in first, second, and third position.

First Position: There was once were two friends, Suzy (left foot)  and Jane (right foot), that loved to dance together and play. They were inseparable, attached at the hip, their hands held together tightly with a grip (heels being connected). When they stood together, it looked like a smile (first position); neither wanted to leave as they hoped to play for awhile.

Second Position: Suzy and Jane played and they played, enjoying each other’s company and games. But, suddenly in one moment, Suzy broke Jane’s toy. This made Jane cry and feel somewhat annoyed. The girls feelings were hurt as tears ran down their faces- angry, they marched off to opposite sides of the playroom space (transition feet to second position). They didn’t look, talk, or utter a word, but then Suzy uttered the sweetest words Jane ever heard.

Third Position: Suzy said, “Jane, you know you are my very best friend. I’m sorry about the toy, I will make sure it is mended.” They ran together and hugged each other tight (transition feet to third position), knowing that everything with the world now felt right.

For a great visualization and explanation of all of the positions of the feet, be sure to check out Ballet Classroom.


First Position in Ballet by Nancy Denommee

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