Recitals are a lot of work- there’s no doubt about it, especially if you work hard to take your show to the next level. When people nay say the power of the year- end recital performance (studio owners/directors, staff, parents, students, etc.), it can be frustrating, especially when the ritual of recital serves such an importance place and role in the lives of young dancers.

Think about it:

– Recitals can inspire a child to continue, begin, or return to dancing.

– Recitals increase poise, confidence, and performance.

– Recitals stress the importance of team work and the individual child’s overall contribution to the team goal.

– Recitals allow our students to practice performance (and, dance is a performing art).

– When produced correctly, recitals add credibility and visibility to the work and achievement in our industry.

As a young dancer, I eagerly anticipated every recital. As a Studio Owner, I still eagerly anticipate our recitals. I love the joy it brings to our dancers and our families. And, yes, it requires months upon months of planning and preparation, but the experience is ultimately worth it!