The Pros of Hosting a Pro: The Cons

by: Kimberly Fitch


And now a quick power round to diffuse the CONS that cause studio owners to hit the stop button. Yes, it will cost your dancer parents a bit extra money. Treat it like an “event” just as you would a convention or competition weekend. By planning early and making it an expected annual
expense parents can budget and fundraise. Educate the parents (and dancers) on who they will be working with and why its beneficial and they’ll see its worth every penny. Also, when they win at competition that won’t hurt the check writing process next year.

Secondly, cleaning. I am so passionate about this I am dedicating Part 3 of this Series to this topic. In the meantime, rest assured, its easy as can be with a video and the Dance Doctor.

Next up, you are terrified you will dislike the dance. In Part 2 of this Series I will help you choose choreographers that are a good fit for your dancers. Hopefully you like the work, but if not give it a chance and DO NOT change it (unless its inappropriate). It could surprise you and believe it or not these people do this for a living, are current in the field and may just know something that is effective or trending that you haven’t seen yet! In the end, if you still dislike the piece at the end of the season remember that
Pros # 1-8 above still occurred and next year you can move onto the next choreographer on your list.