The Pros of Hosting a Pro: Pros #7 and #8

Kimberly Fitch

PRO #7 Lighter Work Load For You

Ok, so picking a date and booking transportation is a task that will need to be handled and may cause a brief headache. Now think of the headache you have when you need to come up with yet another clever song, concept or 8 count and you have already started 25 dances this month. Now imagine
showing up, unlocking the door and returning hours later to a fully choreographed piece that would have taken months to complete, due to scheduling, class absences and moments where inspiration was left on
the couch when you headed to the studio for the evening. If you are a new studio owner who is eager to choreograph or if you pass the choreography duties on to your other instructors that is awesome! Perhaps outsource for just a few numbers. Now you have more time to rehearse!

Pro #8 Develop Relationships

This pro isn’t always immediate, but in my opinion it is one of the greatest and most unique. When I was young Andy Blankenbuehler, who at the time was visiting studios setting competition choreography, just as I do today, came in and choreographed a piece at my studio. I loved it and I loved
working with him! I moved to NYC, he remembered me when he saw me in class at BDC and asked me to come to the studio the next day to help with a workshop for a show he was choreographing. The beginning of a relationship, that will last my entire career, had begun. Now with several Broadway choreography credits and a Tony I’m sure my dance teacher is glad she gave us that opportunity, as am I.

While dancing on Starpower’s Power Pak, Dennis Caspary featured me because he “liked my style.” He visited my studio a few months later and because of that comment I forced myself to overcome the shyness I often felt as the new girl trying to catch up at a very prestigious studio when he was there. I wanted to show him what I could do and he held me accountable because he had seen what I was capable of when I wasn’t in my head and in a different environment. It pushed me to rise to the challenge.
It was a breakthrough for me. Just 2 weeks ago my KFiNC Dance booth and his Countdown booth were across from each other at the Dance Teachers Summit and we spent a weekend as peers laughing and supporting each others current ventures. A relationship still exists nearly 15 years later, due to a single life changing compliment to a young dancer at just the right time in her training.

The point of these stories isn’t for us to get to know each other better. They are real life examples of the relationships that are built with guest choreographers. This year alone I have used dancers I’ve choreographed on for KFiNC photo shoots, written college recommendations, cast them in projects and helped 3 secure Broadway contracts. I have watched them light up when they walk into a convention room and see my familiar face because they know its a safe zone and that I actually care. I receive personal emails, and while these need to be handled delicately, sometimes students simply need someone they admire and trust who is far removed from their real life to open up to. We are all in this dance world together to support one another and the mere fact that a human connection can be made, a child inspired or a future changed by inviting a guest choreographer into your studio makes it well worth it!