The Pros of Hosting a Pro: Pros #5 and #6

By: Kimberly Fitch

PRO #5 Incentive Driven Studio Atmosphere Year Round!!

The casting of the pieces is typically done one of two ways. When I hold a KFiNC 2 Day Dance Intensive or Master Class at a studio I will chose dancers based off of their work in my classes. Other times the studio director will choose those they would like me to work with. In a world where every child receives a trophy I love this form of incentive! Being rewarded for hard work and earning your spot. Can I get a Hallelujah!?

A once a year incentive that requires year round dedication is like using the, “If you don’t behave Santa won’t come”, line on a child in July. If they want it badly enough they will fight for the reward year round. The opportunity to perform in a handpicked group with a well respected guest choreographer each year will reveal who your dedicated and hard working dancers are and entice some to step up their game. If they are not selected the first year they will work to improve so that they will be included in the future. I have gone into studios who have never had a guest choreographer and the same dancer who was goofing off in the back row year one is front and center trying to earn her spot in the dance year two. She watched her peers improve, perform and succeed in a piece she wished she had been a part of and she wants in this year. She buckled down and got to work. It is healthy competition and it is the way the real world works.

I don’t think all guest choreography should be limited to your star dancers or the oldest groups. Having a large group or line and then having a smaller select group is an excellent way to spread the wealth and still provide a strong incentive. As mentioned above the younger they start the better. The power of an incentive is strong so use it to push and inspire your dancers to improve continuously. Our next generation is desperately in need of awards for improvement, not out of obligation!

PRO #6 Positive Energy & Excitement in your studio

This one is straightforward. Any event at the studio adds a buzz in the lobby and classrooms! The more times your dancers and parents walk through your door and feel the excitement the more they will support your business, team and their child. Having guests visit your personal home is exciting so having a guest choreographer should be just the same! Make a big deal out of it. Positive energy breeds positive energy!