The Pros of Hosting a Pro: Pros #3 & #4

by: Kimberly Fitch

PRO #3- Pick Up: Attention To Detail & Musicality

While, conventions also provide excellent exposure to new styles, the level of individual attention dancers receive in a studio environment when learning a piece is vastly different from learning a combo in a crowded ballroom. This intimate learning environment forces the dancers to perform the style exactly as it is taught. They will also be held accountable for remembering their sections. This type of focus is extremely helpful in the development of young dancers ability to pick up choreography quickly and attention to detail. It will soon become second nature for them to immediately study their instructor’s shapes and to hear the music as the choreographer is hearing it, which will help in your classrooms year
round. Learning an entire piece in a limited amount of time is one of the best exercises to develop these skills and while it is challenging initially, it too becomes easier with practice. Of course, you should videotape the choreographer showing the choreography so that you can answer any questions and maintain the integrity of the piece once they have left. I will delve fully into cleaning pieces in the upcoming Dance Doctor article.

PRO #4 Business Expansion & Free Advertising

The dance studio business is uber competitive these days! With so many phenomenal artists in the dance world it is imperative for your work to stay current, relevant and forever evolving. This is crucial not only for the education of your dancers, but also for the success of your business! If the studio down the road is providing comparable technical training and they are more in tune with the styles of the times guess where little Sophie’s mom is going to sign her up for class or where the dancer at your studio who wants to pursue a professional career will head? When a guest choreographer visits your studio it draws positive attention to your business. It shows that you are a proactive business owner eager to provide exciting opportunities for your clients and you’re up to date with what is trending in the industry. You better believe that on social media
#GuestArtistName and #YourStudioName will flood Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with photos of YOUR dance studio…free advertising?! Doesn’t sound too shabby, does it?! Your clients raving about the awesome business you operate, which will draw new clients to walk through your doors right in the midst of class registration time…isn’t that a fabulous way to begin this season?!