A few weeks ago, in the midst of the enormous piles of mail I collect everyday, I noticed a new magazine. I considered sending the magazine to the junk pile, but it felt and looked different. The premiere issue of Inside Dance had made its way into my hands, and the glossiness of the magazine’s look and feel was enough to prompt me to open the pages.

Inside the magazine, the content is what the dance industry has craved. Informative, inside information on the professional industry, studio and performance life, and relevant, popular products and fashion trends. The layout is well-designed, the photos are rich, visual accents, and editorial content is thoroughly strong.

February was the magazine’s debut issue, and they will publish bi-monthly in print and digital format. Subscriptions are reasonably priced, and this is a must-have for dancers, dance families, dance instructors, and studio owners. Inside Dance is the Vanity Fair of the dance industry, and it is arriving at a time where a renaissance of dance-related print media is much-needed. I am excited about it, and I know you will be, too.

inside dance