We go to great lengths to be as prepared and organized as possible at every single event, but there is one item we ALWAYS forget for conventions:



Every time, we are distributing wristbands, we always forget to have scissors on hand to cut the extra band (I have scissors in the spare sewing kit, but they will not work on most wristband materials).

Does anyone else run into the same problem? Is there one thing you always forget that could make your life just a little bit easier? Share it with us!

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2 Responses to The One Convention Item We Always Forget!

  1. Morgie says:

    Velocity dance convention gives each studio a pair of scissors with all of your wristbands when you arrive.

    • Chasta Hamilton Calhoun says:

      Hi Morgan,

      Thanks for sharing! What an awesome, smart marketing tool for Velocity! Love it. 🙂

      Have a great day,