As we approach Thanksgiving and are starting to think about gratitude, I cannot help but deviate my thoughts to the importance and necessity of encouraging kind, well-mannered, and humble dancers within our studios.

A few weeks ago, I posted Promoting Humility In Our Dancers.

A year and half ago, I posted Competition Kindness: Pass It On.

There is so much character education for our students to gain through our programming, and that is one of the most exciting returns of our artistic medium. We have the opportunity to train amazing dancers AND mold amazing, generous people.

The other morning, I stumbled upon the following article:

Are You Raising Nice Kids? A Harvard Psychologist Gives 5 Ways to Raise Them to Be Kind

After reading through the suggested methods, these are all tools that we, as dance educators, can use in a variety of classroom scenarios and environments.

When our programming consciously combines great technique with a strong, character-based cultural, we will accomplish great things!

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