As we enter the season of placements and recommendations for the upcoming year, it is important to understand and promote that dance is an individual journey. Too often, parents become absorbed in the placement and progress of others, neglecting the individualistic element of the art and the focus on their son or daughter’s progress and development.

It is important to keep in mind:

  • Parents should encourage their children to be their best without regard to others’ achievements.
  • Every child will progress at a pace that is comfortable to him/her. Even with the exact same training, no two students will progress at the exact same pace.
  • Children and parents should focus on themselves, put forth their best effort, and be proud of their individual accomplishments.
  • Dancers are placed in a classroom setting where they will thrive and feel self-confident, promoting a faster rate of progress and development. For example, if a dancer is placed in a higher level and becomes discouraged or disengaged, he/she may lose interest and/or passion for dance. Other students may enjoy the challenge of being in a class with a more advanced skill set because they will self-motivate in that type of environment.

Placement is a very complex process. Dance educators are with the children in the classroom, and they observe the behavioral, stylistic, and technical strengths and weaknesses of each child. Placement is not about status, friendship, or favoritism; rather, it is about investing in our dancers and placing them in a level where they will succeed!


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