Dance studios are usually large spaces with lots of traffic. Keeping a studio clean is a lot of work, and it should not be undervalued or overlooked.

Your studio’s cleanliness directly represents and impacts your brand, and you want your clients’ to have a great impression of your business and facility.

Here are some tips to consider/implement:

(1) Is your studio regularly swept, mopped, and sanitized?

(2) Do you do daily inspections of your bathrooms, mirrors, and entrance area (front door, etc.)?

(3) Do you clean/sanitize your props (Beanie Babies, Rhythm Sticks, etc.), water fountains, and acro mats?

(4) Do you avoid areas of clutter? Is everything neat, organized, and representative of your culture?

(5) Does your studio smell nice?

(6) Do you work to minimize dust in all areas?

(7) Do you organize your lobby at the end of each evening? (Return books and magazines, straighten chairs, etc.)

(8) Do you regularly clean scuff/dirt marks off of the walls?

(9) Are your supplies fully stocked (paper towel, toilet paper, soap, etc.)?

(10) Do you have a schedule/plan for regularly taking out trash?

Think about the presentation of your dance studio facility. It makes a large impact on people’s impression of your business!