Within the dance industry, every entity has its respective niche. Whether you are a competition studio, a competition, a modern-based collegiate dance program, a hip-hop crew, or a ballet conservatory (to name a few of many examples), the reasoning behind your infrastructure is likely purposeful and vast.

Within this past year, I have encountered several situations where varying organizations lacked respect and understanding for other schools, training programs, or competitions that were different from their own. Unfair assumptions and judgments were made based on preconceived notions regarding training, education, and technique.

At the end of the day, the majority of this industry strives to improve the education, knowledge, and world of dance. We need to work together to make our industry stronger instead of being divisive or elitist. We should embrace the uniqueness of different training programs and respect the diversity in our industry. We can accomplish so much more by working together versus working apart.