This past week, an article entitled The Cost of Dance by Jeff L. from the Dance Dad Gourmet Blog went viral. I read it and thought it was great, but the true power of the article’s content really clicked last night when I held our annual Competition Team Parent Meeting.

As a former competitive dancer, I realize the positive influence the experience had on my life (in and out of the dance studio). As a studio owner and instructor, I see the impact the experience is having on many of my students’ lives. And, as a part of this industry, we have an ultimate responsibility to  safeguard the process of providing positive, nurturing experiences that will positively benefit our students in dance and in life. How are we making an impact? How can we improve the industry?

I love the anecdotes in the article about the daughter’s confidence blossoming. I have heard many stories from many parents about endless cartwheels in Disney World, dance parties in restaurants, and neighborhood dance competitions (I mean, who doesn’t love a good battement in the grocery store aisle?). I see that liveliness in my students, and it excites me for their future and their progress. I love when the love of dance spreads, especially when it is presented in such a sensible and somewhat measurable manner.

Read the article and share it with your parents. Let’s keep the conversation going and let’s continue providing amazingly worthwhile and impacting experiences for our dance students.

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3 Responses to ‘The Cost of Dance’ Article

  1. Rocco Megaro says:

    Dance is just on factor in the equation. There is the human component, the instructor, who makes a tremendous impact on our children. You are right to ask the question, “How are we making an impact?”.
    My daughter competes, and some days spends more time with her coach than me. My relationship with my daughter’s coach is one of pure trust.
    It is both enjoyable and sometimes annoying when our kid is doing endless aerials in the cereal aisle, but most important is how our child responds when faced with a situation. Numerous times I asked my daughter why she reacted as she did to a particular situation. She responds, “Miss VaNavia told us we should always….”.
    Instructors must understand the far reaching impact they have on young people.

  2. Earl J Moniz says:

    Evidently, the DanceDadGourmet is no longer…

    anyone have the article archived somewhere…
    did Jeff L. move everything to another site…?


    • Chasta Hamilton Calhoun says:

      Hi Earl,

      It appears you are correct! I am working to find an archived version. I will certainly update the link if/when I find it. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.