Taking dance class is an art. Depending on the purpose of the class- training, rehearsal, audition, performance preparation, etc.- the dancer’s approach and execution of the class must be smart and specifically tailored to the class’s ultimate purpose.

The following, 5 tips will enhance the dancer’s ability for class taking:

  1. Know Your Intent. Take the class with the proper intent in regards to dress, execution, and attack. If you are there to train, model your approach with the intent of training. If you are there to audition, model your approach with the intention of getting the part.
  2. Be Aware of Your Strengths & Weaknesses. As a dancer, if you know your strengths and weaknesses and are self-aware, you will gain so much more from the classroom experience.
  3. Mentally engage. While dance is physical, you must be mentally engaged to perform your best. Go into class with focus.
  4. Be Adaptable. In class, it is important to be flexible to the different styles and demands of varying instructors.
  5. Be Confident AND Humble. In order to successfully progress in class, it is important to be confident and humble. Know your abilities, continue working to improve, and be gracious for the opportunity.

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