Dance educator, Diane Gudat, has created an impeccable tap resource site that should be bookmarked on every tap instructor and dance educator’s computer.

Via the site, you can access the following information:

  • Step of the Month (this month features the Drawback Traveling Time Step with a Bonus Double Paradiddle)

Within the teaching tools section, Diane offers a wonderful product called Flash Tap Cards. The cards are available in either a time step or cramproll deck and offer many variations on the core, traditional steps.  Cards can be purchased via the order form.

flash tap cards

Beyond Diane’s tools and advice, she is a genuinely kind, professional lady that is invested in the success of all students and the longevity of tap dance as an art form. Use her tips/tools, ask her questions, and continue enhancing your tap programs! If we all work together, we will all be so much stronger!