The other day, I received an email from a colleague that just finished her first year as a Dance Studio Owner. She asked if I could share my takeaways post-season one and going into season two (which has now been 5-6 years ago).

When I received the email, I had to pause and think. How have things evolved since year one? What was hard the first year? I managed to think of 5 prevalent themes:

1. Thoroughly Detail Communication & Expectation- Do Not Assume That Anyone Knows Anything

2. Set Boundaries

3. When Something Feels Wrong, Quickly Take Action

4. Do Not Be Afraid of Conflict

5. Do Not Feel Apologetic in Protecting Your Brand

Many of themes re-occur in other seasons, too. And, while we have continued to evolve and improve some of the components, this was a great, thoughtful exercise for myself and my business.  I encourage you to try it, as well!