In the dance studio world, there are times that are stressful, heart-wrenching, frustrating, and conflicting. Because we are committed and dedicated to our art, our studio, and our students, we take these issues very personally. After all, they directly impact and influence our studio, brand, and culture.

Examples of stressful situations may include:

  • A student that is losing his/her passion for dance.
  • A staff member that does not fulfill his/her responsibilities.
  • The person that complains about a show, performance, or event.
  • The parent that is constantly negative about components of your programming and/or other students.

When stressful situations arise, do not push them to the back burner. While this may be the easiest solution in the moment, it will not provide optimal, long-term results.

Instead, consider the following steps:

1. Absorb. Take in as much information as possible. Do not react.

2. Process. Consider all perspectives and sides of a situation. Think about how it fits into your business. How can you help or improve the situation? What do you have to gain/lose? Create a strategic plan for handling the information.

3. Take Action. Confront the issue. Meet with the parent or staff member (and, if necessary, be prepared to relieve them from their duties). Do what you have to do for the overall well-being of your business. Be proactive, stay involved, and stay ahead of the problem.

In being attentive, small problems can avoid becoming bigger problems. Insert yourself into the situation instead of avoiding it. Yes, it will be hard, and yes, it will be stressful, but it will be beneficial YOU, YOUR STUDIO, and YOUR STUDENTS.

Know you are not alone. We all face difficult scenarios. Take the time to evaluate the situation and implement a strategic solution. For the long-term, you will be glad you addressed it sooner versus later. And, you can pat yourself on the back for tackling the tough stuff!

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