Every Monday night from 10-11pm (EST), Kiner Enterprises hosts a #letstalkdance Tweetchat. Since the start of the New Year and the launch of The Dance Exec, I have tried to attend each week. The conversation consists of incredibly smart, passionate people from all realms on the dance industry.

During last night’s chat, the question was posed, “How can we create more ways for dance companies and arts organizations to build sustainability?”

While the answers were directed towards companies and arts organization, the same concepts can be applied to the dance studio, too.

Here are my tweeted values for sustainability:

1. Confidence

2. Willingness to Evolve

3. Creativity

4. Support of Others

5. Positive Outlook

6. Values that are Reflective of a Professional Company Culture

In the arts world, it seems as though, too often, we become our own worst enemy. There is too much worry or concern over what someone else is accomplishing or the pettiness of small situations that do not matter in the grand scheme of your organization and its success. Because of this, the risk of complacency and stagnation occurs.

Invest your energy into making your business, studio, and brand the best it can possibly be. Evolve, create, collaborate, and educate. By taking these steps, you will realize that your business is not merely sustaining, it will be leading and excelling as an example of genuine success.

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