This is our final week of Summer Series, and it is all about Rocking Your Year!

Our first question asked our contributors to shared 5 things they couldn’t live without- their “must have” items.


(1) iTunes

(2) Dance Conventions

(3) Coffee

(4) Stretching

(5) Yoga Pants


(1) My iPhone (it has all of my music for class)

(2) Coffee & Fruit Infused Water

(3) Unending Supply of Hair Bands

(4) A Sense of Humor and the Ability to Laugh at Yourself

(5) Some Type of Inspirational Reading Each Day


(1) Stool to Sorta Sit Upon

(2) Pianist

(3) Water


(1) iPad

(2) Music Editing Programs

(3) YouTube

(4) Coffee/Energy Drinks

(5) Headphones

What are your must-have items?

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