Today is the final post of the 2014 Summer Series. Daniel, Danielle, Kat, and Michelle have generously shared their advice, challenges, successes, and insight. They inspired us and made our community closer. On the last day, we asked them to share one final piece of advice for the dance industry.


Don’t neglect teaching the classics to our kids. Please remember to teach them about Bob Fosse and Alvin Ailey and Tommy Tune. So many of our kids know who Twitch is but they have no idea who Martha Graham is and they couldn’t tell you anything about a musical choreographed by Agnes DeMille. Everything we know about dance came from these masters and it is a shame to let it all go. Let’s keep their legacy alive!


Let’s all just get along…


Be nice, it’s a very small circle at the top


My biggest feedback to the dance community would be to focus on what you do best, and then do it! There is so much negativity, back stabbing, and unnecessary competition that goes on amongst studios, and I would love to see that change. Think of how much stronger we would all be if we worked together, instead of against each other!