Unfortunately, conquering conflict and managing challenges are some of the frustrating, more difficult parts of our business. Because our work  is our passion, it can be difficult to face the tough stuff. It is so important to remember that you are never alone- in some way, shape, or form, we all encounter our unique hardships.

We asked our Summer Series Contributors to share their greatest challenge from this particular year. We also asked them to share how they handled the challenge.


Greatest Challenge: Relocating classes that have been cancelled, space is such a premium in NYC

Overcoming the Challenge: Meet new directors, see new spaces available and work out schedules that allow for your students to get to the new location in a timely manner!


Greatest Challenge: The greatest challenge this year was our own work schedules with the different studios we teach at, and the competitions we judge for and then on top of that the company schedule.


Greatest Challenge & Overcoming the Challenge: Several students dropped out of classes right before a performance. This caused myself and several other teachers to have to change choreography almost on the spot and manage the emotions of our remaining students. We overcame the challenge by keeping our cool, only changing the parts of the dance that were absolutely necessary and by keeping our egos in check. In the end, you have to remember that the dance, aka, your fabulous choreography, is not the most important thing. Sometimes there’s a greater lesson to be learned. In life, you have to learn to roll with the punches, and to do it with a great attitude. The students were going to take their cues from us. So we quickly made the decision to act as if everything was going to be just fine, make only the necessary changes and put smiles on our faces. The kids smiled right along with us and everything was FABULOUS!


Greatest Challenge & Overcoming the Challenge: Our biggest challenge last year was losing two teachers half way through the year, one to injury, and the other moved out of state. We were blessed to get a fabulous teacher to replace them, and it has been a major blessing. When these situations arise, for me, I know that a lot of times they are out of my control. I do a lot of praying, asking for the right person, and for guidance on how to tackle the situation. My faith plays a big part in how I run my business, for sure.