A few months ago, The Dance Exec introduced our readers to Broadway Connection, a wonderful organization for studios, students, and performers. This month, we chose to explore the impact Broadway Connection has on participating studios. I was able to chat with two fabulous dance facilities, Casali School of Dance and Isabelle’s Dance Time, each having a uniquely impacting story and history with the Broadway Connection experience.

 At Casali School of Dance, Broadway Connection made such an impact that studio owner, Anna Casaili, knew she wanted to offer the experience three times per year as a consistent part of her studio’s programming. Casali feels that Broadway Connection exposes students to live, accessible theatre, which increases the well roundedness of her students (a core component of the studio) and broadens their artistic perspectives and knowledge. In fact, the studio so greatly believes in the power of accessibility to the experience that it annually hosts a bowling fundraiser to cover the costs of the classes for their students.

 Casali’s deep value of the experience has made a lasting impact on the students at the studio. Because of Broadway Connection, one of Casali’s students was inspired to pursue musical theatre training in college, and since the student and her parents were familiar with the professionals and their stories/ experiences from Broadway Connection, they felt more at ease with their daughter’s choice in higher education.

This quote truly sums up the power of this studio’s experience:

“{Broadway Connection} Thanks again for offering the best that Broadway has to offer.”
-Anna Casali

Another unique and powerful Broadway Connection experience occurred at Isabelle’s Dance Time. The students were fortunate to have Jakob Karr, the Season 6 Runner-Up of So You Think You Can Dance and cast member of Footloose, teach one of their master classes. What a surprise and treat for the students to see someone familiar from television working and teaching as a cast member in a touring Broadway show! The students were thrilled to learn choreography from the show and were doubly delighted to ask questions regarding SYTYCD. This also opened students’ eyes to the multi-faceted possibilities of a career in dance performance and made them excited, eager, and inspired for more Broadway Connection opportunities.

Isabelle Cook describes the experience; “We had such a wonderful time with Jakob Karr.  He is a fantastic teacher.  He knows just how to pull the best out of all that attended the class.  He is innovative, charismatic and inspiring.  We felt very honored to have him as our Broadway Connection Master Teacher!”

These unique experiences demonstrate the power Broadway Connection can have in your studio and with your students. From the day of the class to a long-term career decision, Broadway Connection is impacting, motivating, and spreading awareness about dance and theatre in studios across the nation. Casali School of Dance and Isabelle’s Dance Time sing the praises of the benefits of the Broadway Connection experience. Both owners have a tremendous passion for dance, and their commitment to dance education is evident.  Via Broadway Connection, they have found a way to take their students’ dance training to a higher level, and you can, too!

For Broadway Connection tours/opportunities in your city, please visit this site.

casali bc articleStudents at Casali School of Dance enjoy a Broadway Connection Experience.

Casali School of Dance is located in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Owned by Anna Casali, the studio has been in operation for over thirty years and heavily focuses on musical theatre, tap, and training solid, well-rounded dancers. 

isabelle jakob

Students from Isabelle’s Dance Time enjoy a master class with Broadway Connection Instructor, Jakob Karr.

Isabelle’s Dance Time is in its 20th year of operation and is located in the Spokane Valley in Washington State (approximately 15 minutes from the Idaho border). The studio specializes in ballet, jazz and modern dance.

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