When supplying studio merchandise, there are two ways to sell the product, and each option has its set of pros/cons:

(1) In-Stock: Estimate the amount of sizes needed, order, and sell from the shelf.

Pros: Great for impulse buyers, Seeing the product motivates people to buy

Cons: Higher risk of leftover inventory/financial loss

(2) Special Order: Place an order for sizes/amounts of products based on orders from clients.

Pros: Guarantees secured inventory (correct size, etc.), Low-Risk Financially

Cons: People may talk themselves out of purchase or may miss order deadline

At the studio, we generally find that the Special Order Option is the best way to serve our clients. We have used both systems, but in selling off the shelf, we almost always have leftover product. Special Order allows us to accurately and adequately sell to our clients.

merchandising bag