The holiday break is right around the corner, and this is the perfect time to walk through and evaluate your studio. Take a step back and look at everything as though you are a client entering your facility for the first time:

  1. Is anything outdated or neglected looking?
  2. Does anything no longer fit your brand?
  3. What repairs need to be made?
  4. Are there any safety hazards?
  5. Do any areas appear cluttered?
  6. Are your props and mats in great condition? Does anything need to be washed, refurbished, or cleaned?
  7. What could you add to make your studio brighter, fresher, and more current for the new year?
  8. If you are not using it, throw it away or archive it in a neat and orderly manner!
  9. Could any areas be better organized?
  10. How do you certain areas make you feel? Productive? Tired? Refreshed? Frustrated?