Bugs and insects are a part of nature, but for most of us, an in-studio population of insects is unsettling. A few years ago, we realized we had an ant issue at one of our studios. It took a bit of time to control the situation, and a proactive attitude is necessary in keeping the issue at bay.

Here are some steps to consider:

(1) Area Treatments: Does the building/area of your studio need to be treated for a particular type of bug/insect? (Make sure you know the products that are being used- you want to know that everything is safe and environment/kid-friendly.) Our issues are very seasonal, so know in advance when it may become a problem.

(2) Policy Updates: Is there anything you can do internally to prevent the problem from developing or worsening? Maybe it is taking out the trash more frequently, limiting in-studio food/drinks, etc.? You may also consider the sealants that protect the interior of the studio from outside- are you structurally safeguarded?