A little over a year ago, we featured a post entitled Ballet= The Base in which we reiterated the importance of ballet as the foundation of dance. At our studio, ballet is required to take jazz and its subsidiaries (lyrical, contemporary, musical theatre, etc.). When we transitioned to this requirement a few years ago, it surprised some of our clients, but, ultimately, it also identified that a few clients simply were not a great fit for our studio.

The same type of co-requisites can be used in other instances, as well. How many hours of ballet must you take per week to even be considered for pointe readiness? For competitive dancers, how many hours of class per week, in which styles, must you take per week in order to have a solo, duo, trio, group routine, etc.?

Be clear, consistent (no exemptions), and specific about your co-requisite requirements. Explain the reasoning behind the need, and parents that are a great fit for your studio will be supportive.


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