If you are involved in the dance industry, you are most likely familiar with the process and model of the traditional dance competition. You visit a venue, perform your routines, and receive adjudication. With technology’s accessibility rapidly increasing, Starz Dance Competitions saw an opportunity to make the dance competition process unique by transferring the experience to an online format. As their tagline promotes, they are all about, “No Drama, Just Dance!”

Via the Starz website (www.StarzDanceCompetitions.com), dance studios, cheer teams, dance teams, and individual dancers can submit their routines through email, YouTube, or DVD for professional feedback and adjudication. Newly launched this year and operated by a former Studio Owner, Starz aims to promote and enhance the competitive experience for all dancers. The company has a panel of judges that are specialized in varying expertise to give the most specific, constructive feedback possible.

This avenue of competition offers incredible convenience and flexibility for studios or independent dancers at any level or age. You can submit routines performed in any location (in-studio, showcase, at another competition, etc.) and entry fees are reasonably based on two, categorical options. The  Category #1 Option includes medals and plaques for routines with entry fees ranging from $16-$50 per person, per dance. The Category #2 Option excludes medals and plaques with entry fees ranging from $10-$30 per person, per dance. Within the competition, there are leveled divisions, age groups, and categories. Routines receive adjudication scores (Platinum, Gold, etc.) and may opt to be ranked overall, too (competitions are designated in quarterly intervals).

At first this concept may seem exceptionally foreign, especially for those of us that have grown up with the traditional dance competition experience. However, many studios, school, and individuals have found the program to be an incredibly beneficial tool and resource for routine growth and development. Kelly from Wyoming, Michigan offeres the following, “Starz Dance Competition is well organized and offers outstanding quality at very affordable prices…The routines and scores can be as public or private as you want, which is great if you are just looking for some feedback or if you are looking to really show off your dances.” Audra P. from Tulsa agreed with the benefits of the concept, noting, “We live in a rural area and our studio doesn’t compete, but my daughter wants to do competitions. This was a perfect way for us. She received valuable feedback that will truly help her to become a become a better dancer.”

In just a short amount of time, Starz has received interest from dancers all over the country. Dancers use the Starz format to prepare for regional and national dance competitions, to compare critiques received at other events, to gain choreographic ideas, inspiration, and suggestions, and to improve dance and performance qualities. With this new convenient form of constructive criticism, it is easier than ever to offer students additional opportunities to grow and excel.

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