I love when a competition thinks beyond an event to the larger impact of a particular experience or series of experiences. StarQuest’s mantra for the 2013-2014 season is “the experience is the real award”, and as a participant in the competitive dance industry, I think that is a highly accurate description of the short and long-term benefits. 

To support the mantra of their season, StarQuest created an image series entitled ‘All Signs Point to Dance’ for studios to share via social media. Check out the images below and share them with your students, parents, and colleagues! These facts are great testaments to the benefits of our art. Let’s keep all of these in mind as we head into our new dance seasons!

SQ FB_Badge_1

SQ FB_Badge_2

SQ FB_Badge_3

SQ FB_Badge_4

SQ FB_Badge_5

SQ FB_Badge_6

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