Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a Leadership Institute with 11 other Executives from varying backgrounds. Team productivity was a huge conversation at the event, and it made me think about how the dance studio industry approaches the functionality and interactivity of our staffs.

After all, the success of the staff is core to the success of the studio.

Think about it:

(1) Are you taking the time to recognize and/or identify the needs of the people you employ? Can they effectively come to you for support?

(2) Do you meet or interact with each staff member on an individual level, making them feel valued and connected to the overall purpose?

(3) Do you have an awareness to recognize when someone is not an effective contributor to your studio?

Consider your one on one relationships with your staff. Could they be improved? Would this type of leadership be acceptable in a corporate setting? What could you be doing differently? Implement the changes and modifications for the upcoming season- you will be glad you did!

staff 3