We asked our contributors:

How do you streamline your lesson planning and class curricula?


I keep notes on what works and what doesn’t, even seasonally.


I think we streamline our curriculums by the repititon. The students understand our teaching methods and are extremely understanding with how we teach.


I have created a syllabus for our entire studio in the disciplines of ballet, tap, and jazz. It’s leveled for PS, Kind, Level 1-2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, and Level 6. Teachers are instructed that each class should include a 15 minute warm up, some barre work, center work, across the floor combos and a reverence.  Also, each syllabus contains a list of steps that are recommend for each level to have learned with some degree of mastery by the end of year. Beyond that, they must have a clean recital routine by the end of the year.


I personally love to write, so I typically write out my lessons for ballet, which is what I primarily teach. I also make my playlists before class, so I’m set to go!

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