Social Media can make or break your business. We asked the contributors how social media has impacted their studio/business/company? What social media networks do they use, and how has it influenced their growth?


We use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We take pictures of every event and post them to every social media account. We even do Throw Back Thursday pics of all of our teachers on occasion and run contests and special events. It can create quite a buzz.


Social media is huge for our business! Everyone loves to see what their friends and family are up to and share in their successes, so it is not only a great marketing tool for us, but also a way for us to build our students up. We get a lot of new students, that mainly find us on facebook. The studio has a Facebook page, twitter, instagram, vine, pinterest, and tumblr. Our goal has been to be more intentional about posting relevant things on our main platforms, which would be Facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest. I would say the most important thing is to know your audience on each platform and always use pictures with your posts! Also, contests have been a great way to promote the studio and encourage students to share us with others.


I have an awesome PR guy(Craig Mingus) who posts interesting things each day for a small monthly fee


We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and it has boosted our popularity a lot. People follow us and keep us with our events because of the events we post, etc.

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