This week, the Summer Series’ focus is on Your Business Brilliance.

The first focal point is on marketing tactics that have proven successful for our Summer Series Contributors.


“Faces in Ballet Class 2014”- We had a photographer (Arthur S Coopchik) come in once a week during class and take candid shots, offering them on photobucket for free. You can view the images here.


Planning ahead and providing monthly workshops utilizing both on staff teachers and master teachers and then really advertising those events through the use of social media, e-mail, and the local newspaper. These events kept our parents and kids interested and happy all throughout the year and created interest in the local community.


Facebook has been the biggest marketing tactic for our company.


Advertising in our local kid’s directory was a great marketing tool for our business. Changing the ads up monthly, and offering a free trial class, was a great way to get people in the door!

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