We asked our Summer Series Contributors:

Do you find most of your conflicts occur with staff, students, or parents? How do you manage and facilitate these conflicts?


We have been blessed to have very few conflicts over the years. I would say that most of our conflicts are with staff. We are excited about doing our first staff retreat this year, and we hope that this will help resolve most of the conflicts we have had, as we will have ample time to dive into expectations, policies, etc. for our staff.  I think whenever there is a conflict, for us, it often goes back to communication on our end. Did we communicate this several times? Did we fully explain our expectations? These are some of the questions we are looking at, to better help us plan for the future. We are hoping to have positive results by looking at ourselves and what we are doing first, and then figuring out what we can do to make everything clear and well defined for our teachers, as well as our parents and students.


The students’ first contact is with the front desk signing in, and if they have a bad experience there it reflects on me as the teacher, as I’ve chosen to house my classes here.

How do you manage and facilitate these conflicts?  It’s not easy as the Director over the space or staff can have difficulties and it shows in their training of the staff, take it one day at a time


We tell our students that their own studio commitments come first because they train with them weekly. We provide performance opportunities and community service and other dancing outlets for them to expand their resume.


I wouldn’t use the word conflict, but I would say that most of the misunderstanding is with the parents and it’s usually over the placement of their child. I find that a simple face to face conference usually does the trick. A lot of listening is required. Parents want to know that you care. As soon as they know that you do, you can explain how you really want what’s best for their child and why you chosen what you chosen for them.

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