Every time you send information out into the world, it represents your brand and influences the culture of your business. Whether your text content appears on your website, in emails/handouts, within recital playbills, or via social media, it is important to take care and consideration in your spelling and grammatical presentation. Plan ahead and use project timelines so that you have plenty of opportunities to review and edit materials.  If spelling and grammar is not your strong suit, have your materials reviewed and edited, multiple times if necessary. We learned very early in our business that it takes multiple eyes to catch the smallest of errors, and even now, we are exceptionally cautious in our proofreading.

 Here are some common errors that frequently appear:

  1. Misusing they’re, their, and there
  2. Misusing your and you’re
  3. Misusing two, too, and to
  4. Misplacing prepositional phrases/ ending sentences with a preposition
  5. Neglecting to use spell check or relying too much on spell check
  6. Neglecting to correct errors and typos (this is especially relevant with online/social media postings)
  7. Improper use of commas
  8. Incorrect verb usage
  9. Incorrect article agreement (a/an, etc.) `

The article 20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes by Jon Gingerich offers more insight to common errors.

Grammar Monster is a great quick reference, resource site for all of your grammatical questions.

The bottom line is that human errors happen; however, when it happens, take a moment to fix the issue, and in the future, try to take caution to avoid such errors. After all, you want your readers and clients to view your literature with professionalism and respect.

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