A few months ago, we posted an article entitled Think Before You Post! The post offered a broad perspective of social media appropriateness, but it is important that you offer specific, detailed expectations regarding social media for your staff and parents.

For staff:

All online discussions about the studio should remain positive and should be reflective of the studio’s moral compass. Since you are choosing to work at our studio, it is important that you comply to keep your social media in line with the culture and image of the studio.

  • Photos should not be suggestive or insinuate partaking in any type of controversial or illegal activity.
  • Photos and posts should be clean and refrain from improper language.
  • Posts should only promote the studio in a positive atmosphere (Ex. Complaining about students, music, events, etc. is unacceptable)

For parents:

Social Media Etiquette

In being a part of the studio, you are agreeing to maintain and uphold the professional image the studio.

  • Negative or inappropriate social media posts will not be tolerated.
  • Please be respectful of the creative property of routines and choreography and withhold from posting video performances on social media until the season is over.

When everyone agrees to a similar culture and mission, the strength and power of your brand grows. It is frustrating to see disrespectful posts posted online. Of course, we all experience challenging days, but when you negatively write or comment about a child, parent, teacher, or studio on social media, the person affected has the ability to find out about it, which could be detrimental to their brand loyalty (and your business).  Every post has the potential for a long-term impact, and that is why it is integral to reiterate the importance of positivity in your studio.

For more details on social media, check out our Web Marketing Guide.

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