Tonight marks the premiere of So You Think You Can Dance’s 10th season. I have to be honest and say that I casually glanced at Season 8 and watched only snippets of Season 9.

I have absolutely nothing against the show. In fact, I watched Seasons 1-7 religiously and was engaged, invested, and excited about the show each week. I even attended a few of the tours of the earlier seasons.

The show brilliantly brought dance into the public eye, and there have been many amazing moments. Plus, the show has launched a number of wonderful dancers’ careers. So, why have I stopped watching?  This past year, some of my students stopped watching, too. We used to have conversations at the studio about the show, and those conversations are now pretty infrequent.

So, Dance Execs, I am curious- will you be tuning in to Season 10 of SYTYCD this evening? Has your viewership changed over the years? Have you found differing interest levels in your students?

sytycd season 10